“Eric” by Emma Payne and Kat Trevor

This exhibition is one of the clubs first joint exhibitions featuring work from artists Emma Payne and Kat Trevor who studied BA Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts together Payne and Trevor have explored popular culture, voyeurism and humour within their previous work. For this show they will be experimenting with different mediums including textile and video.The initial idea for the exhibition is to create a ‘party’ of faces within the space and promote the feeling of conversation between the works. Trevor will be exhibiting photographs of faces focusing on expression and features. The faces will be distorted with the intention of being eerie yet comical and even sweet. Payne will be exhibiting sewn portraits playing with popular culture through using traditional sewing techniques to contrast old/new and high/low culture. This references how the ways in which these subjects are explored has changed since the postmodern era.Both artists have been working on the notion of personality, what this means and how it can be expressed in artwork. Whether it’s the artists’ personality or a fictional character such as “Eric”. 

Join the FB event for a free drink there and #ERIC @NHAClub to join the conversation.

We look forward to seeing you there!