Photographer Spotlight: Will Robson-Scott

Will Robson-Scott is this monthly photographer in our photographer spotlight feature.

Will made a name for himself by documenting the early grime movements. He managed to capture the energy and rawness that put grime into the spotlight.

He has released several picture books - Crack & Shine being the most celebrated as Robson-Scott spent a year with some of London's most infamous graffiti artists - you can check out the book here.

He recently released the book 'In Dogs We Trust' - Will write "Since dogs were first domesticated, and an affinity has developed between them and their owners; not only do they frequently resemble each other. They even share personality traits and mirror each other’s behaviour. Dogs can be deliberately used for this purpose of conveying whatever the owner finds desirable. Often the affinity is less conscious, the master is unaware how much he looks like his dog"

Check out more of Wills work here -