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live: Strong Asian Mothers (pic), The Jacques, Walking Shapes, Special Guest, Rukhsana Merrise, Ciaran Lavery

Communion is back for a fabilour evening full of live music!

Strong Asian Mothers blend the tastiest bits of all the genres of all the music to create something they are proud to call their own, and in their live shows real and electronic elements combine to create a danceable and raucous sound. Music to soothe the soul and work the feet.

London-based singer Rukhsana Merrise her debut EP late last year. Driven by a rhythmic finger-picked acoustic guitar riff and complimented by sparkling production that brings in an eclectic arrangement of instruments, Merrise’s easy melodies and powerful voice are the real focus.

Walking Shapes is the living and breathing result of a unique creative environment, centered in a house on Kingsland Avenue in Brooklyn owned by visual artist Joseph Grazi, which frequents creative types such as actors, artists, musicians. “People show up and hang out until five in the morning and that energy has swirled into our scene and core group of friends,” says violinist Jesse Kotansky. When producer Gus Oberg (The Strokes, Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson) entered the picture, “he helped us define our sound, whittling the tracks down slowly,” explains Hoho.

The Jacques are two sets of brothers, aged 16-21, who charge their Britpop bayonets against the modern view that rock and roll with clever lyrics is dying. Brought up on a diet of The Strokes, The Ramones, The Jam, The Lemonheads and Elvis Costello, they have been tipped for great things over the next twelve months. The Jacques release their new single ‘Weekends’ on Monday 23rd February, taken from the critically acclaimed debut “Pretty DJ” EP that introduced the band in November 2014.

Ciaran Lavery found his musical voice through the simplest of means “…listening to old 80s singles on my sister’s record player.” Cutting his teeth in various (often noisier) incarnations over the last decade – that voice is now as soothing as it is timeless. Ciaran crafts heart-on-sleeve acoustic pop in the vein of ‘29’-era Ryan Adams; full of passion and meaning, “I come from a tiny village; you could literally drive through Aghagallon in thirty seconds, but it’s jam packed full of characters and real, genuine people. It’s the type of place where if you’re being an idiot someone will tell you. That’s just how the environment was. I guess that sort of honesty comes out in my music.”

6pm-1am; £10 otd or £8 from communionmusic.co.uk



The artsclub is available for hire! Please contact [email protected]

Please remember to bring your photo ID to the venue, especially if you are under 25.